Present in Lyon, Paris and Nantes, our web agencies will accompany you for the creation, the redesign and the maintenance of your customized website.

Specialized in strategy and visibility, our goal is to provide you with an aesthetic, impactful, referenced and differentiating website. Listening to our customers, we offer a range of expertise to meet your needs.


Because your brand identity is unique, your website must be too.

The experts of our web agency in France will guide you in the management, development and realization of your website projects.

Expert on different CMS like WordPress or Prestashop, our team at Staenk will be able to intervene on :

  • The research of your brand platform and your targets/customers,
  • The creation or redesign of your logo, your fonts and your graphic palette,
  • Finding a web hosting and a domain name in adequacy with your needs,
  • The creation of wireframes and a thoughtful user experience,
  • The implementation of a tree structure thought for your SEO strategy,
  • The creation of your webdesign and web development for your website or e-commerce,
  • The writing of your optimized contents,
  • The implementation of tools for monitoring behavior and setting up trackings (Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics)
  • The provision of webmarketing communication services to achieve your web objectives on Google (search engine optimization - SEO, search engine advertising - SEA, Social Networks, marketing automation, ...)

You can call upon our different areas of expertise and services according to your needs.


In the era of the Internet, of a mode of information and consumption that is becoming digitalized, e-commerce or showcase websites are becoming essential to develop one's business.
Acquisition of incoming contacts called leads, sale of products, advice, blogging, all these sites must be designed for a specific digital objective.
Also, a website must be thought for users and internet users as well as for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc; in order to have the expected effects.

Combining strategy and customized design, our agency Staenk offers you a range of services and expertise for your web projects.

How to make your website actively participate in the development of your business and attract new customers? By working it so that it satisfies users, search engines... As well as you! Your website must of course look like your company or organization, be in line with your communication and your offer, transpire your identity and allow you to change as you evolve. In a word: your website must be adapted.

4 qualifiers for your website : Performance | Cost-effective | Beautiful | Responsive


Numerous B2B and B2C brands/companies entrust us with their digital strategy and achieve significant long-term results. A development booster for their digital communication. Take the measure of our skills and set up your marketing actions with a specialized agency.

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Our website creation process

Definition of your needs, advice and strategy

We pay particular attention to the precise definition of what your new website will be, to the search for solutions and to provide you with sound advice for your projects.

That passes by a thorough phase of comprehension and listening of your needs by the creation of a schedule of conditions in order to answer them most precisely possible.

  • Do you want a showcase site, a commercial site, an institutional site or a blog?
  • Which technology/CMS? WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Prestashop...
  • What is the primary goal of your website?
  • Is it sales, image, brand awareness or lead acquisition?
  • What are the secondary goals of your website?
  • What are the targets of your website?
    Do you already have an idea of the site's tree structure?
  • What design do you want to go with?
  • Will the website require special adaptations for mobile/tablet?
  • How will you use the site?
  • What type of content will your website contain?
  • Will you be making regular changes?
  • Do you want a website designed to develop your natural referencing and your traffic?
  • Do you want to work on your communication strategy and develop your objectives?

Because answering all these questions can be complex, calling on our agency allows you to benefit from our experience and expertise to ensure the realization of your project.

Experts of the web for many years, it is with pleasure that we will decide at your sides of a digital strategy of Internet site adapted to your needs during these first exchanges. We are certain that determining all the parameters of a project is crucial to ensure its success!

Brand platform and visual identity

To begin, it is crucial to define your targets and web objectives. The brand platform is the founding act of a marketing branding strategy.

It clarifies the objectives, the brand baseline, the vision and values of your company, the potential targets and the promise generated.

Thus, by laying the foundation of your brand image, we shape it with a logo and its baseline. The creation of a logo is not an easy thing, because it must be graphically appreciated but also understandable, readable and impactful. The objective is to be remembered and recognized on your different communication tools in the blink of an eye: colors, fonts, etc.
A coherence in your strategy must be thought out in order not to lose or confuse your users and customers.


The heart of our work lies in the graphic design and development of your website but also in a consulting role. 

The second phase of creation lies in the creation of zooning and wireframes in order to work on the best experience, by removing all the potential obstacles and the user path. The wireframes allow us to place the content blocks (images, texts, photos, videos, action buttons) of the website in order to think and work on the navigation.

The third step will bring the wireframes to life by adding fonts, colors and visuals. This phase is the creation of the web design and the graphic models.

Once validated, we will go through the web development phase and integration of visual and textual content to finish on a phase of acceptance. The objective is to also work on your back-office to facilitate the integration and the daily management of your future web tool.

Our team in our creative studio work in close collaboration to carry out your project. Our project manager remains your main contact. He will guarantee the progress of your projects with a precise planning and a detailed action plan. We favor the agile method - SCRUM - for all our different web projects.

The duration of the mission can vary according to the number of pages of your site, if it is a showcase website or an e-commerce website. In all cases, regular meetings will be held with your project manager at the agency - your main contact - to ensure the smooth running of the project and to validate each step of progress.



37% of global conversion rate


Your site has finally been put online and it is at the same time in the image of the company, pleasant to use, interesting, attractive and interactive : it has all the cards to convince the visitors!

Another challenge appears here : attracting new Internet users so that they can appreciate your new site. How to get more (qualified) traffic on your website? With the help of digital communication!

1st webmarketing agency in France, our team at Staenk is able to offer you complementary services to the creation of your website

  • SEO (search engine optimization),
  • SEA (search engine advertising),
  • Community management Advertising on social networks,
  • Production and writing of content

Listening to our customers, we will advise you in the choice of appropriate levers for the development of your business.