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Top 8 of the best webmarketing tools used by the Staenk team

In webmarketing (definition), there are many tools whose goal is to collect, analyze and exploit data to increase the notoriety, sales or the number of leads of a company. At Staenk, we use a wide range of tools to propose web strategies that are the most adapted to our customers’ targets and objectives.

In this article, we introduce you to some of our favorite and most useful tools to have on hand if you want to implement a consistent digital marketing strategy!

1.     Insight Yooda

Insight Yooda allows you to analyze the SEO performance of websites and to search for keywords. It also allows you to know the keywords on which the site is positioned, the number of positioned pages, the traffic linked to natural referencing and many other elements. For example, you can track the position of keywords, the number of Google searches on them, the traffic obtained and the Adwords CPC.

Therefore, at Staenk, we use Insight Yooda for several reasons:

  • To know the SEO progress of websites, thanks to all the indicators present on the tool.
  • To find new keywords. It is used a bit like the Google keyword planner.

The + : Insight Yooda gives the possibility to monitor a list of competitors who are positioned on the same keywords as you.

2.     Intercom

Intercom is one of the leading tools dedicated to customer relations. You don’t know what tool I’m talking about? Yes, you do, it’s the little instant communication bubble that you can find on many websites!

Look at an example on the Digiforma website for example!

The + : With this tool, it is easy to send personalized messages to your users. Open a dialog box and send them the information that interests them.

3.     SemRush

SEMRush is a real gold mine! It is one of the most complete SEM analysis solutions on the market. However, the free version of the tool only shows a vague glimpse of its full potential.

By entering the URL of any site, you can get a lot of valuable information:

  • On the SEO level: keywords, position on keywords and their evolution, positions of the site, detailed analysis of incoming links (backlinks) to monitor netlinking.
  • On the SEA level: list of Adwords keywords, estimation of the click rate obtained on these keywords as well as an estimation of the CPC
  • On the online market: list of competitors

You can do a test via this widget:

The + : with SEMRush, you can know all your competitors. Not bad when you want to analyze your market on the net!

4.     The Google tools

Analytics, Tag manager, Adwords, Optimize… In short, all the tools developed by Google whose objective is to design, improve and analyze its presence on the web, are levers that we use very frequently at Staenk.

Here are the main Google tools for webmarketing:

  • Google Analytics : it provides statistics on your website, and basic analysis tools for SEO optimization
  • Google Adwords : it allows you to advertise on the different Google advertising networks (Display, Video, Search…)
  • Google Tag manager: it is the manager of Google tags
  • Google Adwords Optimize : it allows you to perform A/B tests and customize your website according to the users’ usage.

The + : all Google tools are free !

5., an audit and editorial optimization tool for SEO. It analyzes and emits clouds of keywords to help you to be better referenced on the web.

How does it work? analyzes the lexical fields of the content of a page to propose the associated keywords, so that search engines such as Google and Bing better understand the article and place it in a better position.

The plus: recently, also allows you to find article topics. For example, it is possible to enter the word “content marketing”, and the tool suggests article titles! Useful when you’re short of inspiration!

6.     Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an e-reputation analysis and social media curation tool. It searches the web for content based on search queries and then lists the most shared content for a topic, author or domain.

It allows you to know better your position in relation to your competitors who are on the same niches as you. With the paid version, you also have the possibility to find the most popular questions, to help you build your content strategy.

The + : the free version allows you to have an overview of the most shared contents.

7. allows you to identify the main hashtags and influencers to maximize your success on social media.

It provides several interesting information to use. For example, the tool offers you a cloud of keywords associated to your search. So, if you are in need of inspiration for your hashtags on Twitter or Instagram, or if you want to know the most popular hashtags, you are at the right place! also designs a list of top influencers related to your search. This feature is particularly useful, as it highlights the most active, influential and engaged users on the topic.

The +: with the paid version, you have the possibility to save your favorite hashtags.

8. allows you to have the details of your positions on the search engines. For each keyword, you have the possibility to visualize graphically its evolution. The tool also allows you to examine the performance of the sites through different indicators: RankSeo visibility score, top-positions, evolution of the number of backlinks and indexed pages.

At Staenk, we like because it allows to export in one click all data in CSV and PDF. It allows to share results easily with customers. It is fully customizable with the possibility to create keyword groups, long tail tracking, email alerts and scheduled reports.

The + : you can follow your competitors and their positions also directly with this tool.

There are many other web marketing tools but these 8 are clearly among the “must-haves”! We could still continue the list with many others, for example with Hootsuite, Bitly or Leadfox! For the other tools, stay tuned, we might talk about them in a future article! 😉

à propos de l'auteur.e : Pauline Bourgeois

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