What is webmarketing? Definition, Jobs, Companies & Tips

Webmarketing strategy, digital marketing, webmarketing consulting, the term has been used a lot for some time. But what is it really about? What does this rather vague notion of webmarketing encompass? Far from the early days of web sites, companies are now taking more offensive and intelligent approaches to face a tough competition. But what […]

⭐5 effective strategies for collecting customer reviews ⭐

Consulting customer reviews is often the first action one takes on the Internet when choosing a restaurant or booking a hotel. Indeed, who wants to spend an evening in an establishment with bad ratings and negative comments? Customer reviews allow you to take care of your e-reputation, to increase your sales, to bring content with […]

Top 8 of the best webmarketing tools used by the Staenk team

In webmarketing (definition), there are many tools whose goal is to collect, analyze and exploit data to increase the notoriety, sales or the number of leads of a company. At Staenk, we use a wide range of tools to propose web strategies that are the most adapted to our customers’ targets and objectives. In this […]